Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity

in a Motion of Comity with Yankee Homecoming

A community gathering for all generations ~
gathering momentum for moons to come

held after the Noontide Opening Day Ceremonies
Saturday, July 31st
at the Waterfront's Market Landing Park
(located behind the Firehouse Center,
downtown Newburyport)

Come together with Lord Timothy Dexter in a Motion of Comity for a community gathering which begins at the Waterfront's Market Landing Park after Yankee Homecoming Opening Day ceremonies and ends well, "sum Plase elts." The rain location is the Masonic Temple Hall at 31 Green Street (directions).

All generations of the Waterside people and company are welcome to join in an enlightening and entertaining exchange with Lord Tim about local, regional and global history --- past, present and future. Come help build a foundation of knowledge about where we have been, where we are and where we are going --- and contribute a stone to the cairn to indicate we have come this far.

Throughout, 'Tis All Good will bring musical revelry to the afternoon's revelation, with a medley of Irish American tunes.

Please refer to the Comity.org website for further detail. Learn more about Lord Timothy Dexter who had foreseen he "may come back toue see houe you all goue on & what you ware" at LordTimothyDexter.com.


Wonder of Wonders! For any not (as yet) one of the Knowing Ones, Lord Timothy Dexter is Newburyport's eccentric 18th Century merchant adventurer who penned the "littel book" entitled, "A Pickle for the Knowing Ones; or Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress" in his own inimitable style and orthography. The transcribed anthology can be found on his Lordship's virtual seat on the "noue systom of knollege & Lite" for, to quote Emerson ...

"The man is only half himself, the other have is his expression." Never short of expression and impressions, Lord Tim has offered to serve as interlocutor and "Consler in the Afare of Trouth" during this meeting of the hearts and minds. So become one of the Knowing Ones, come hear his Lordship's way with words and share a few "thorts" and good questions of your own. Don't miss this Once in a Blue Moon opportunity!

Recorded for posterity at this link within.



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