Once in a Blue Moon opportunity ...
in Market Square, Newburyport, Massachusetts ...

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Measuring Time & Progress

Once in a Blue Moon

Reach for the moon ~ something
to which we all should aspire

Photo/image © 2009 Bright iDear ~ view pdf file to enlarge image

The moon shines bright in such a night as this ...

- opening line from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Act V, Scene I (link without)

How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
When the moon shone, we did not see the candle.
So doth the greater glory dim the less.

~ subsequent "goodly conversation" between Portia and Nerissa

A "once in a blue moon opportunity" to capture this special moment in time and space[1] with a picture worth a (few) thousand words. The time: the end of the new-style (Gregorian) calendar year 2009. The place: Market Square, in the heart of the Waterside community of Newburyport, Massachusetts. The moon that night was a (new-style) "blue moon," since it was the second full moon in a month ~ with this particular "blue moon" being rather exceptional at that, since it would coincide with New Year's Eve.[2]

Throughout the World, but notably here in the Waterside ~ where progress is measured by the new and full moons ~ such images loom large and captivate the imagination (link within). "Looming wisdom" and enlightenment in this Season of Light ~ in anticipation of moons to come ~ when the Waterside people will mark several milestones in history and "history in the making":

  • Particularly during the Full Strawberry (Rose) Moon of June 26 - 27, 2010
  • Followed by the Full Buck Moon on July 25 - 26
  • Then the old-style blue moon (the third moon in a season of four moons) on Sunday, November 21 ...

The Comity.org web site will offer more insight in moons to come:

  • With the "compass and calendar" web page (link within) now positioned to chronicle progress of the Waterside Plan in Motion through the end of the old-style calendar year ~
    • with more coming to light on (web) pages (and various stages) ~ on screens (and in screeds) ~ by Candlemas (February 2, 2010) ...
  • More shall be foretold with tidings to The Fourth Estate and the Virtual Wolfe Tavern ~
    • beginning with the New Wolf Moon of January 15 - 16 ~ waxing poetic, prolific, prophetic and proleptic during that waxing moon ~
    • which will rise in its full array on January 31, 2010 ...
  • Through the end of the old-style (Julian) civic calendar year (March 25, 2009 - March 24, 2010, termed "The Year of Charting New Courses")

As we adapt the course we have taken to arrive at this point in time (and space) ~ and chart our "boundless ambitions" for the transition to the upcoming old-style civic year ahead.[3]

Until such time, the mind-traveling reader might care to review a few thousand words about some of the "key elements" in the subject picture ~ found at the following links within (and without) this web site:

  • Newburyport 2009 - 2010 Guidebook, page 38 (pdf) event listing for the "Once in a Blue Moon opportunity" (link within)
  • Archived/linked from the Comity.org (Correspondence) web page at link within ~ related correspondence forwarded in a Motion of Comity to:
    • Chamber of Commerce regarding above event, dated 2/12/o9
    • City Council dated 10/20/09 regarding the above celebration and "cerebration"
  • Newburyport Daily News article published 11/20/09 entitled "Couple’s tree to spruce up downtown," (link without)
  • Newburyport Daily News article published 11/29/09 entitled "Newburyport tree lighting" (link without)
  • Newburyport Daily News article published 12/03/09 entitled "NHS students shed light on keeping Christmas trees green" (link without)
  • Newburyport Daily News letter to the editor published 1/12/10 entitled, "Chamber grateful for holiday help" (link without)
  • NHS Creative Writing "Poems for Pettengill" Work Order Form #1 (eliciting content for this webpage) can be found linked from this link within
    • Duly informed that the (community in the work) "order form" was accepted by the students, with said composition to be completed "forthwith"


[1] The forethought shared at the Newburyport High School students' "favorite poem project" (link within) held at the Firehouse Center for the Arts with the New Pink moon in April 2009 ~ as a "proem" to begin the old-style calendar year [March 25, 3009 - March 10, 2010, termed "The Year of Charting (New) Courses"]. Then and there, at that time and space ~ acknowledging and drawing the "foregone conclusion" that the new-style calendar year would be remarked with a "once in a blue moon" opportunity during the last quarter of the old-style (civic) year ~ on the new-style (Gregorian) calendar New Year. Refer to event listing on page 38 of the 2009 - 2010 Newburyport Guidebook at this link within (pdf) for more information.

[As a matter of fact and full disclosure, this image was captured the Wednesday (12/30) evening before New Year's Eve ~ given weather forecasts had long predicted overcast skies and snowfall beginning Friday through the weekend. As it happened, by pure happenstance or fate, while the falling snow had obscured the moonrise over the River Merrimack at eventide (4:17PM) on New Year's Eve ~ the snowfall stopped and the dense cloud cover parted to reveal the rising moon in all its splendor. While only a momentary revelation, an spectacular image of the blue moon was captured for posterity. As the second sign (of the times).]

[2] For while blue moons occur on average every two and a half years of so ~ the next time a (new-style) blue moon is in concurrence with the new-style (Gregorian) calendar New Year will be December 31, 2028. More insight about the old-style (Julian) and new-style (Gregorian) calendars can found at this link within. In addition to this link within, more insight to distinguish between the old-style and new-style blue moons is referenced at this link without. The mind-traveling reader might be prompted to SMILE (Seek More Information Linked Electronically) about some less pedagogic logic with review of the archived news piece entitled "Moon walking," particularly the annotations in footnotes 4 and 5 found at this link within.

[3] In anticipation of the public forum to be held on Saturday, March 6 (rescheduled from February 27) at Newburyport High School ~ when and where we will consider a diverse and "different school of thought" about charting the course ahead. To end the old-style (Julian) civic calendar year "The Year of Charting (New) Courses" (March 25, 2009 - March 24, 2010) and begin the old-style calendar year (March 25, 2010 - March 24, 2011 tentatively termed, "The Year of Boundless Ambitions"). And canvass all generations in the Waterside people to draw some "foregone conclusions."


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