The Annual Harold Harnch Halloween Parade
All Hallows Eve ~ October 31, 2004
Parade begins at 2pm at Atkinson Common

The Annual Halloween Parade was first organized a half generation ago by the late city council president, Harold Harnch. City Councilor Joe Spaulding stepped forward to continue the tradition ~ and every year, as the leaves turn colors and the air turns crisp, Joe appeals to businesses, organizations, politicos and citizens to help make this a community experience to remember.

This year the Annual Harold Harnch Halloween Parade ~ typically scheduled the Sunday before Halloween ~ falls on Halloween itself.

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The community is to gather at Atkinson Common on Three Roads to begin the 2pm procession down High Street to the Bresnahan School, where the children will receive treats and tidbits.

Three images capture last year's parade for posterity. Were you there?

If you weren't, you missed a wonderful opportunity to celebrate All Hallows Eve and mark new beginnings ~ Awakening the Spirit of community. Don't miss this year's pageant.

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The Spirit Awakened ~ Lord Timothy Dexter will be in good form ~ fulfilling a promise made during the Once in a Blue Moon opportunity1 that he come home again for the second harvest of the Full Hunter's Moon. After an adventure on Saturday afternoon October 30th ~ Lord Tim remains on this side of the veil to join in the Harold Harch Halloween Parade ~ a procession to mark summer's end and All Hallows Eve.

This milestone year marks a new generation for the Waterside community and all generations are welcome to this annual community gathering.

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Forwarded in a Motion of Comity ~ the following communication from Joe Spaulding ~ an appeal to local entities (businesses, politicians, organizations and individuals) to assist in this year's annual Harold Harnch Halloween Parade.

October 4, 2004

Dear Friends,

The annual Harold Harnch Halloween Parade is upon us once again. The date is set for Sunday, October 31 at 2:00 p.m., starting at Atkinson Common and walking to the Bresnahan School where the children will receive candy and treats.

We are asking for donations of any kind - candy, prizes or monetary. Any help during the parade, assisting on the walk or being at the school to give out candy would also be appreciated.

In the past, the support of local businesses, groups and individuals has been overwhelming and heartily accepted. We hope the same support will be evident again this year.

You can contact me at home at 978-462-7348.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Spaulding

A Post Script ~ More than two hundred and fifty children shared a picture perfect All Hallows Afternoon ~ leaving with a bag full of goodies and hearts filled with glee. After this best of times, Event Chairperson Joe Spaulding communicated his sincere gratitude to those who helped make this year's Harold Harnch Halloween Parade such a huge success. These words of appreciation are forwarded in a Motion of Comity:

As organizer of this memorable occasion, Joe thanks the Newburyport School System for use of the Bresnahan School and the Newburyport Bank for their generous support; appreciates the public service announcements broadcast by WNBP radio and Comcast cable and notices published by the Boston Globe, The Merrimack Current and the Daily News; thanks Riverbend Landscaping for their support and remains grateful for the roles played by Councilors Fowler, O'Brien, Gillis and Farrell, Kathy Heywood, Mary McDonald, the Newburyport Fire Local 827, the parents of Mrs. Murray's School and Mrs. Murray herself.

Remembering the Harnch family and the late City Council President Harold Harnch, who continues to inspire the community event he first organized more than a half generation ago.


1During the Once in a Blue Moon opportunity (gathering momentum for moons to come) ~ Dexter alluded he may come back (once again) with the Full Hunter Moon "toue see houe you all goue on." Expect his Lordship to be in good form and "absolute balance" for his upcoming adventures. The Spirit Awakened, Dexter's next exploit is planned in a Motion of Comity with the Youth Commission and is sponsored by his "olde frinds" at the Newburyport Bank.

On Saturday, October 30th, Lord Tim shall bring history to life with the first "figger" from his "mouseum of grate caricters" ~ remarking the 215th anniversary of George Washington's visit to Newburyport in 1789. After a reception at the Newburyport Public Library's Children's Room on Saturday afternoon ~ the entourage will proceed down State Street over to the Old South Church on Federal Street. (See link within.)

Remaining on this side of the veil ~ Lord Timothy Dexter will be in good form (and forum) for the Annual Harold Harnch Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 31st. Rolling up his sleeves to help with the activities, time will tell what "amousement" Tim has up one or the other.

It promises to be a bright and sunny day ~ so surely, you plan to arrive at Atkinson Common (sooner than later) to enjoy the good weather.
At the request of Chairperson Joe Spaulding ~ Lord Tim plans to arrive early himself ~ to lend a Dexterous hand during the pageant.

Come meet and greet Lord Tim coming over the "littel brigg" at Atkinson Common at about 1:35 p.m. or so. As the crowd gathers, watch for Lord Tim in his preposterous "bonneyparty hat" gamming with today's generations of the Waterside people. And do expect Tim to share "reFleckshuns" along with the "confeckShuns" ~ for Dexter followed the "oulde wayes" and would celebrate All Hallows Eve as Summer's End (called Samhain) and new beginnings on the Celtic Wheel.2


2Additional insight about the history of Halloween, the Second Harvest and Samhain can be found on the Library of Congress American Folklore Center's Website at this link without. A good site for insight about the Celtic Year can be found at, at this link without.

Lord Tim suggests you search the vast "systom of knollege & Lite" about the evolution of Halloween in America and learn how the Day of the Dead is celebrated in other cultures. His Lordship notes this "partickler site is very drole" (link without).

On a more serious note, this is a very special time for Lord Timothy Dexter, who believed that "the sole is the thinking part" in the unending circle of Life. The E-vangelist Lord Tim finds this sermon (link without) sheds "Lite" on the matter ~ and will himself impart some words of wisdom on this year's occasion ~ soliciting a "penny for yore thorts" to add to the cache of memories.

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