The Waterside Community Gam ~
In a Motion of Comity at Market Landing Park
~ Ship's Log & roster of said gam held Saturday, July 29, 2006 ~
What is a gam? On the pages that open Chapter 53 of "Moby Dick" Ishmael asked and answered the same good question. ("Gam" being an old nautical term for enlightening and entertaining social exchange, ashore or afloat.) And on the stage that opens Chapter 49 of Yankee Homecoming, this gam promises to be a whale of a good time! (Spouting about this and that ~ coming to know more about the Waterside's past, present and future ~ and buoying the spirits with an afternoon of revelry and revelation.) Keeping things rather fluid, here is the flow during a rising tide ~ from the first bell of the Afternoon Watch (12:30 p.m.) until two bells of the First Dog Watch (at 5 p.m.) into eventide.

© 2006 Moments In Time ~
At 12:30 p.m. (first bell of the Afternoon Watch) ~ the community gam gears up after Yankee Homecoming's opening ceremony as Moments In Time sets things in motion for an interactive "show and tell" geared to all generations.

[Moments In Time ~ Dan Cleary, Al Maguire & Chuck Wright along the Merrimack River ~ shall bring momentum to the Waterside community gam & keep all "matters & things" in motion. ]
At 1:00 p.m. (two bells) ~ Moments In Time (in accord with Demijon Music Clan) entertain with nautical music whilst gamming with Lord Timothy Dexter and the Knowing Ones ~ together with Jonathan Plummer, Madam Hooper, the Town Crier, the Shipwright & Captain, and come-along gammers ~ including some willing (and able) politicians.

At 1:30 p.m. (three bells) ~ Demijon Music Clan come about with a delightful turn of traditional Celtic and maritime tunes.

[Pictured here, Damien Corcoran of Demijon Music Clan; The group dynamics for the gam will include Ian Corcoran & Jeff Trick.]

© 2006 Bright iDear ~ taken at one of Damien's gigs
at the (former) Powow River Grille in Amesbury

© 2004 Bright iDear ~ Once before in 2004
At 1:50 p.m. ~ Moments In Time synchronize their musical "time pieces" to a harmonious passage through history ~ along the way, gamming with Lord Tim and old and new mates ~ until six bells of the Afternoon Watch (3:00 p.m.) ~ when cairn-building and tidings merge with the next wave of entertainment.

[Seems like old times ~ Lord Tim (Newburyport native and Amesbury High School history teacher Paul "Jance" Jancewicz) gets "mousekel" with Dan Cleary whilst "gamming" during at the Once in a Blue Moon opportunity, held in a Motion of Comity with Yankee Homecoming in 2004 ~ when he fulfilled his "prophesy" that he "may come back toue see houe you all goue on" ~ remarking a new generation for the Waterside people.]


At 3:18 p.m. (high tide) ~ Bill Plante & Friends revive the celebrated "Watt's Rock Opera" ~ reaching a fever pitch with this rocking rune ~ a tuneful tutorial and lyrical lesson about Walter ("Great Watt") Bagnell ~ the dreaded scalawag who once treaded the Waterside and left behind the dregs of his cellar in legends and ledgers and deeds. Indeed! (Watt ever? See link within.)

At 3:50 p.m. ~ Bill Plante & Friends (with a wave of yet more friends) keep things on a roll for a new generation (heading into the First Dog Watch at 4 p.m.)

© 2006 Bill Plante and Friends (with more in store)

At 4:45 p.m. ~ Moments In Time bring the show to a close with a moving homage and patriotic songs until two bells of the First Dog Watch (5 p.m.)

Following, pursue the "peradventure" at this special place which was once the Middle Shipyard ~ the community shipyard where a ship could be built for three pence per ton. All in all, it adds up to tons of fun. For amidst all the merrymaking will be crafting of a flagship for the Waterside people's float (to be entered in the Yankee Homecoming parade) and building of a cairn to mark that we have come this far ~ heeding Lord Tim's abiding bid to "take the helm in love" and assay how we "goue on." So come add a stone to the cairn ~ add some lines into The Ship's log ~ and get onboard for the next leg of the journey. All hail! The Ship is Ready! Come Home! Come Home!

For more about the roster visit the Website. Come to know more about the Waterside movement, this gam and gamming in general at

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